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Image of Major General Malcolm Mercer Dress Cap - /  /

Major General Malcolm Mercer Dress Cap - / /

Black full dress cap belonging to Major General Malcolm Mercer. Cap has general staff insignia on front (a sword crossed with a baton surrounded by laurel leaves. A lion perched on top of a red crown is positioned above the sword and baton.) Cap has a thick red felt band around it measuring approx 5cm wide. Leather chin strap is attached to the brim by two small brass buttons positioned above each ear. Short black brim has lauren leaf decorations in gold metal embroidery. Underside of brim is green. Inside of cap is lined in off-white silk. Col. M. S. mercer inscribed on inside in black ink. Mylar barrier has been placed on inside top of cap.

Image of Sir Henry Pellatt's Epaulettes -

Sir Henry Pellatt's Epaulettes -

General's epaulettes worn by Sir Henry Pellatt. Oblong shape of braided gold rope backed by red velvet, copper fastener on back. Embroidered and beaded decoration on front middle. Embroidered and beaded crossed sword and baton at the top.

Image of Sir Henry Pellatt's Officers' Busby and Plume -

Sir Henry Pellatt's Officers' Busby and Plume -

Black fur hat topped with black felt. Rose epaulettes on either side (metal) and metal braid attached at back and looping around front to fasten on left side. QOR badge on front with an egg-shaped spiral red and black attachment just above badge with a crown (metal). Plume at front has a metal sphere at bottom that feathers out at top. Red feathers and a horse-hair plume are attached.

Image of Reproduction Shako -

Reproduction Shako -

Rifle green felt shako with black spherical pom-pom and a QOR badge. The hat is trimmed with leather.

Image of Combat Hat -

Combat Hat -

Combat hat, dessert pattern with detachable neck scarf. Worn in Afghanistan by Sgt Chris Hinds.

Image of Afghan Pakol Hat  -

Afghan Pakol Hat -

Afghan Pakol hat brought back from his deployment by Sgt Chris Hinds