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Image of 03038 - Uniform, Military

03038 - Uniform, Military

CF Green SD with M Gen Ranks

Image of 03045 - Uniform, Military

03045 - Uniform, Military

Trousers only, no tunic.

Image of 03046 - Uniform, Military

03046 - Uniform, Military

CF Green SD Tunic.

00447 - Band, Elastic

Green elastic helmet band with 2 "cat's eyes".

00448 - Band, Elastic

Black elastic helmet band

Image of 03377.2 - Neckcloth

03377.2 - Neckcloth

Coyote Brown neck warmer

Image of 03039 - Uniform, Military

03039 - Uniform, Military

CF Work dress jacket with Col ranks

Image of 01064 - Epaulet

01064 - Epaulet

General's epaulettes worn by Sir Henry Pellatt. Oblong shape of braided gold rope backed by red velvet, copper fastener on back. Embroidered and beaded decoration on front middle. Embroidered and beaded crossed sword and baton at the top.

Image of 01067 - Hat

01067 - Hat

Black fur hat topped with black felt. Rose epaulettes on either side (metal) and metal braid attached at back and looping around front to fasten on left side. QOR badge on front with an egg-shaped spiral red and black attachment just above badge with a crown (metal). Plume at front has a metal sphere at bottom that feathers out at top. Red feathers and a horse-hair plume are attached.

Image of 01200 - Tunic

01200 - Tunic

Belted green wool service dress tunic for an officer. Captains black pipes and Canada for QOR on epaulettes. QOR collar insignia. Black buttons for QOR. Red lanyard on left shoulder. 3rd division patches on both arms.Gold wire wound stripe to bottom left sleeve. Medals: 1939-1945 Star, France-Germany Star, Defence Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with maple leaf for overseas service.

Image of 01203 - Wallet

01203 - Wallet

Canvas case/wallet with assorted pouches for accessories.

Image of 01296 - Sunglasses

01296 - Sunglasses

Black ballistic eyewear worn be all forces in Afghanistan. Solar shaded lenses and a black plastic frame. Arms of glasses are adjustable.

Image of 01278 - Helmet

01278 - Helmet

Green metal helmet with full rim. Tan strap extending down around chin with black clasp. Helmet has insert to rest and attach securely to top of soldier's head.

Image of 01280 - Belt, Ammunition

01280 - Belt, Ammunition

Tan belt with shoulder straps. Belt includes two ammunition holders on front. On proper left side is a bayonet holder. On proper right is a canteen and canteen holder.

Image of 01281 - Glove

01281 - Glove

Pair of brown leather gloves with three decorative lines of raised stitching on top of gloves. Backs of gloves by the wrist have a button holding the glove closed.

Image of 01282 - Boot

01282 - Boot

Black ankle boots with rubber soles. Lace up the front.

Image of 01290 - Uniform, Military

01290 - Uniform, Military

Desert Arid CADPAT Camouflage. Front chest Sgt. flash on right chest reads "Howard" in English and Pashtun. Flash on right upper sleeve pocket info red IR Canada flag. Flashes on left sleeve pocket, upper section provincial reconstruction team patch and under it flash for the International Security Assistance Force. Belonged to Srgt. Ted Howard.

Image of 01291 - Uniform, Military

01291 - Uniform, Military

Right sleeve has large Canada IR Flag, left sleeve has small Canada IR Flag, I.S.A.P. badge under it, and ARID Flack vest/body armour, a "Schmag" Scarf, and chest rig, top left turnacuit, carabiner, utility pouch with knife, four magazine pouches with magazines. Three pistol pouches and another utility pouch. Belonged to Sgt. Adam DeBartok.

Image of 01293 - Helmet, Military

01293 - Helmet, Military

Infrared helmet band along helmet's exterior, night vision element on front of helmet. Helmet is designed to be a camouflage match of the Arid CADPAT Tunic. "C-POS" bloodtype written in black marker on the back of the helmet band. May have also belonged to Srgt. Adam De Bartock.

Image of 03040 - Uniform, Military

03040 - Uniform, Military

Green CF great coat

Image of 01297 - Glove

01297 - Glove

Gray gloves with plastic padding to protect knuckles. Appears to have been made from a combination of plastic and fabric. Breathable section at wrist has the letters "WX" representing the brand Wiley X. Adjustable strap at wrist with velcro. Letters "WX" also on adjustable strap.

01305 - Stick, Swagger

Light brown short cane with metal caps on either end. Top cap has QOR 255 Battalion Insignia engraved.

01325 - Plaque

Wooden plaque with "The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, 1st Class Sergeant Musketry Instructor in the uniform of 1895" written in black. Beige background colour with image of a 1st class sergeant in uniform standing with his musket, also images of the QOR of C insignia and a close up on the type of hat worn by the sergeant.

Image of 03324 - Jacket

03324 - Jacket

Rifle green uniform with red facings, box collar, toggle buttons.

Image of 01355 - Armband

01355 - Armband

Second World War era khaki armband with Queen's Own Rifles flash (red on green) and top and staff sergeant insignia below (black on red) - crown over three stripes.

Image of 03319 - Blazer

03319 - Blazer

Rifle green 3-pocket single-breasted blazer. QOR buttons, no crest.

Image of 03032 - Uniform, Military

03032 - Uniform, Military

Wool cadet style Battledress. Tunic and trousers

Image of 03033 - Uniform, Military

03033 - Uniform, Military

Circa 1962 khaki raincoat

Image of 03325 - Tunic

03325 - Tunic

Rifle Green mess kit tunic w/ para wings

Image of 03036 - Uniform, Military

03036 - Uniform, Military

Blue mess kit with M.General Ranks.

Image of 03004 - Tunic

03004 - Tunic

Officer's Patrol green tunic and black trousers. Tunic is rifle green, shoulder boards, and four pockets.Black trousers with woven black two inch women stripe with leather stirrups. Tunic and trousers are brand new that has had no holes cut into them. Tunic and trousers were owned by Major J Gower Sept 1955 and died in service.

Image of 03005 - Tunic

03005 - Tunic

Other ranks green tunic. Sample, never worn. Four pocket tunic with high style collar. No buttons. Maker Military Contract by Au Wai Lam & Co. 68, FA Yuen Street, Kowloon Hong Kong. Made about 1956

Image of 03007 - Uniform, Military

03007 - Uniform, Military

Officers khaki service dress tunic, waist belt, and trousers. Owned by Major J Gower Sept 1955 died in service. Complete uniform is in unissued condition.

Image of 03009 - Uniform, Military

03009 - Uniform, Military

Rifle green wool trousers with red stripe. Manufacture Montreal, Quebec, Dated 1911-12.

Image of 03010 - Uniform, Military

03010 - Uniform, Military

Rifle green wool polyester blend trousers with red stripe. Button fly, side pockets, rear right pocket, and with two pleats. High waisted with buttons for suspenders. White cotton inner.

Image of 03012 - Uniform, Military

03012 - Uniform, Military

Khaki serge wool breech suit pants with cuff laces. Brown buttoned fly, waist belt and suspender loops and button. Two front hip pockets.

Image of 03041 - Uniform, Military

03041 - Uniform, Military

Cream white mess kit tunic with QOR buttons.

Image of 03013 - Uniform, Military

03013 - Uniform, Military

Officer mess kit with vest, named Bernie Aaron. Manufacturer Beauchamp & How Toronto. 1940s vintage. Wool/cotton blend rifle green with red trim along collar and epaulettes, cuffs with scarlet wool with black embroidery in a cirpentiene fashio with 2 inch black braid making into a point for the cuff. . Epaulettes are missing gun metal pips. Vest in wool/cotton blend rifle green, four button closure in the front with two stomach pockets and black elastic waist adjustment.

Image of 03014 - Uniform, Military

03014 - Uniform, Military

Lieutenant M. O'Grady's service dress jacket, belt, and pants of khaki wool. Made by Hicks & Son's 9 Saville Row London W.1. Tunic insignia has 2 Officer's Pips on each epaulette as well as black CANADA titles, 27th Canadian Infantry Brigade patch (french grey, black bugle and gold Canada), Volunteer Service ribbon, Four large Black Regimental buttons along front with medium sized buttons on each pocket and epaulette, and Regimental Collar dogs on the lapel.

Image of 03015 - Uniform, Military

03015 - Uniform, Military

1920s style mess kit which was made for Lieutenant Colonel Ed Rayment on 20/2/1989 who proposed the Regiment to adopt this style of mess dress. This style was not adopted by the Regiment. Made by House of Manchester. Tunic: Green wool barathea, collar and epaulettes trimmed with scarlet barathea, cuffs of red barathea wool with one inch black braid highlighting edges. Vest: Green barathea wool, edges highlighted with one inch black braid along the front. The back is mayed of black rayon material. Trousers: Black barathea wool, high waisted, along outside of leg 2x 1 inch black braid, bottom cut on an angle with elastic bands to be put on the instead of the boot.

Image of 03034 - Uniform, Military

03034 - Uniform, Military

COTC Summer khaki drill uniform. Worn by John Marin, 1942. C broad arrow.

Image of 03035 - Uniform, Military

03035 - Uniform, Military

circa 1955, OR Grand Coat, khaki wool, QOR title, Commander patch, 1st Division Patch

Image of 03016 - Uniform, Military

03016 - Uniform, Military

Tropical Khaki service dress uniform made for 2/Lt Read on August 30th 1962. Manufactured by Ascot Clothes Toronto, Ontario. Tunic: Tropical light weighted worst material, 2 Officer's pips on either epaulette for Lieutenant, missing shoulder titles and collar dogs, has medium sized Regimental buttons Four on the front, Two on the epaulettes, and one on all four pockets. Belt hooks on either side to hold onto formal belt in black metal. Trousers: Made of the same Tropical light weight worsted material as the tunic. Not high waisted and worn with a belt but has buttons for suspenders to be worn.

Image of 03042 - Uniform, Military

03042 - Uniform, Military

Tan CF SD uniform - Col. Pitts. Tan 4 pocket tunic with Col ranks and QOR badging.

Image of 03017 - Uniform, Military

03017 - Uniform, Military

Officer's Patrol Dress Tunic and Trousers. Worn by Lieutenant J.G. Alley on 28 November 1956. Manufactured by Tip Top Clothes. Tunic: Green Barathea wool, Five buttons down the front and button on breast pockets only. Missing shoulder chords/boards. Ribbons are Northwest Europe, France and Germany, Defence Medal,Canadian Volunteer service, and War Medal 1939-1945. Trousers: Black Barathea wool with a 2 inch black braid along the outside seam of the leg.

Image of 03018 - Uniform, Military

03018 - Uniform, Military

Trousers made for W. Kendall 1976. Manufactured by Sainthill Levine Uniforms. Made of Green Barathea wool, high waisted worn with suspenders, button fly, and Scarlet trim on the outside seam of pant legs.

Image of 03019 - Uniform, Military

03019 - Uniform, Military

Olive green four pocket field jacket with rifle green dickie. No pants.

Image of 03020 - Uniform, Military

03020 - Uniform, Military

Two pocket summer bush shirt, and trousers made of cotton light weight material. Worn by Lieutenat P. Simundson B806571 from 1960-68. Tunic: Tunic is to be worn tucked into the trousers, two chest pocket, two epaulettes which have Green clip ons with Lieutenant pips sewn on, Queen's Own Rifles brassard on right shoulder, and Black enlistedmans whistle lanyard. Trouser: Of same material as tunic, high waisted, large belt loops to be worn with Regimental belt or stable belt.

Image of 03021 - Uniform, Military

03021 - Uniform, Military

P49 Battledress Tunic, Trousers, leather belt, and black wool fox puttees. Tunic made by Master craft Uniform Company Registered 1951, and Trousers made by Bond Clothes 1951. Worn by Lieutenant P. Simundson. Tunic: Olive drab wool, Lieutenant pips sewn onto epaulette, Queen's Own Rifles cloth shoulder titles, mobile command badge on right chest pocket, and an Officer's Whistle Lanyard. Trousers: High waisted olive drab wool trousers, two hip pockets, one back pocket, and worn with suspenders. Belt: Black leather belt, Regimental belt buckle with Queen's Own Rifles of Canada around the outer with the bugle, crown and numeral 2 in the centre.

Image of 03022 - Uniform, Military

03022 - Uniform, Military

Circa 1962. Tropical worsted OR Service Dress - pants and trousers. Includes belt, collar badges, shoulder titles, cross rifle and crown badge, and basic infantryman trade badge class 1.

Image of 03043 - Uniform, Military

03043 - Uniform, Military

Canadian Forces Green service dress uifrom. 4 pocket tunic with Colone rank on bottom of sleeve and QOR badges on epaulettes.

Image of 03044 - Uniform, Military

03044 - Uniform, Military

Green CF SD Uniform with Abn regiment badging.

Image of 03023 - Uniform, Military

03023 - Uniform, Military

Khaki Tropical Weight service dress Tunic, Trousers, and belt. Worn by Major D.K. Robertson 29/9/1955. Manufactured by Hobson & Sons (London) Limited. Tunic: Made of Tropical worsted cotton. Insignia is Lieutenant Colonel pip and crown, with QOR metal shoulder title, Missing collar dogs, four large Regimental buttons along the front, and 4 medium Regimental buttons on the brest and waist pockets. Ribbons are Northwest Europe, France and Germany, Defence, Canadian Volunteer service, War medal, ______, and Canadian Decoration. Trousers: Made of Tropical worsted material, hip waisted to be worn with belt but has buttons to be worn with suspenders.

Image of 03024 - Uniform, Military

03024 - Uniform, Military

1931 Mess tunic and vest. Worn by Lieutenant C.O. Dalton. Manufatured by Beauchamp and How Limited made in Oct 1931. Tunic: Made of Green barathea wool, along collar and epaulettes they are trimmed with scarlet trimming, two collar dogs, one officer pip on either epaulette, cuffs of scarlet wool, with two inch black braid, and with Russian black tim in an elaborate fashion. Vest: Made of Green barathea wool, two hip pockets, and closes with four medium sized Regimental buttons on the front. Back made of Black rayon material.

Image of 03025 - Uniform, Military

03025 - Uniform, Military

Officer's patrol tunic and trousers. Worn by Lieutenant Colonel W Barnard 1952. Manufactured by Tip Top Clothes. Tunic: Made of Green Barathea wool, missing shoulder chords, and collar dogs. 12 ribbons from the First world War, Second to 1970s. Five large Regimental buttons along the front, and 2 medium buttons on the chest pockets. Trousers: Made of Black Barathea wool, along the outer seam of trousers theres a two inch black braid, high waisted worn with suspenderrs,button fly, and leather tabs with buckle to be worn under the inseam of the boots/shoes.

Image of 03026 - Uniform, Military

03026 - Uniform, Military

Wool great coat with QOR titles. Cpl tank and commonwealth Bde patch.

Image of 03028 - Uniform, Military

03028 - Uniform, Military

Blue patrol style uniform. 4 pockets, box collar, 2Lt rank. Silver lanyard, collar dogs, shoulder titles.

Image of 03029 - Uniform, Military

03029 - Uniform, Military

Tropical worsted service dress with captains ranks. Capt G. Jensen, circa 1965

Image of 03030 - Uniform, Military

03030 - Uniform, Military

Circa 1965, wool SD uniform with Captain's ranks, shoulder titles, jacket and pants.

Image of 03031 - Uniform, Military

03031 - Uniform, Military

Baseball jersey with Queen's Own Rifles on the front.

Image of 03047 - Uniform, Military

03047 - Uniform, Military

1940's Style mess kit, LtCol Bernard. Includes: Jacket, shirt, pants, bow tie, and vest. Sterling silver Mess Dress collar dogs made by Ellis Bros.

Image of 03048 - Uniform, Military

03048 - Uniform, Military

Tropical Worsted SD uniform with Col ranks, QOR badging, general staff tabs, ribbons, and parachute wings.

Image of 03049 - Uniform, Military

03049 - Uniform, Military

Khaki SD Uniform

Image of 03050 - Uniform, Military

03050 - Uniform, Military

White SD uniform with Lt. Ranks and QOR badges.

Image of 03051 - Uniform, Military

03051 - Uniform, Military

White SD Tunic with QOR badging.

Image of 03052 - Uniform, Military

03052 - Uniform, Military

Tan CF SD Uniform with QOR badging and Maj. Ranks

Image of 03053 - Uniform, Military

03053 - Uniform, Military

Garrison uniform - jacket, camo with QOR shoulder titles and Simundson name tag. Shirt and pants missing.

Image of 03054 - Uniform, Military

03054 - Uniform, Military

CF Green SD tunic with QOR badging, ribbons, and Maj Ranks.

Image of 03055 - Uniform, Military

03055 - Uniform, Military

Green Uniform with box collar, QOR badging, and gold CPO chevrons.

Image of 03057 - Uniform, Military

03057 - Uniform, Military

Khaki service dress uniform (jacket pants and tie) with Lt. ranks, QOR titles and buttons.

Image of 03058 - Uniform, Military

03058 - Uniform, Military

Green No.1 tunic with box collar.

Image of 03060 - Uniform, Military

03060 - Uniform, Military

Green No. 1 uniform with box collar, Lt ranks, and QOR badging.

Image of 03061 - Uniform, Military

03061 - Uniform, Military

Tropical worsted SD uniform with QOR badging, and Major ranks.

Image of 03062 - Uniform, Military

03062 - Uniform, Military

CF Greens with QOR buttons and MWO ranks

Image of 03064 - Uniform, Military

03064 - Uniform, Military

P37 Battledress tunic with open collar, dyed black, QOR titles, Canada titles, 3 ribbons