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Search Term World War, 1939-1945
Number of Object records 85
Number of Photo records 54
Number of Archive records 35
Number of Library records 22

Associated Records

00002 - Letter

2 Boxes of letters (approx 500) from Rifleman Underhill who served in the QOR during World War II

Image of 00020 - Album, Photograph

00020 - Album, Photograph

Contains newspaper clippings and photos/images associated with the QOR of C in Toronto from 1970-1979. Also contains postcards from Normandy and Bernieres-sur-mer.

Image of 00146 - Biography

00146 - Biography

Biography written by Cameron about Harry Fox and his time in the QOR, primarily during WWII

Image of 00149 - Biography

00149 - Biography

Biography of the life of Lieut. Strathy during his time in the QOR and during WWII. Written by his father, using his diarys and letters home.

Image of 00156 - Record, Military

00156 - Record, Military

Beige cloth covered hardcover book. Contains a list of names with corresponding company, enrollment and discharge dates, and remarks (reason for discharge), organized by first letter of last name (not alphabetical).

Image of 00157 - Record, Military

00157 - Record, Military

Beige cloth covered hard cover book. Contains list of names with company, regimental number, enrollment date, discharge date, and remarks (reason for discharge). Organized by first letter of last name (not alphabetical).

Image of 00179 - Book, Record

00179 - Book, Record

Contains beige strike off forms (age, DOB, next of kin, employer, address, former service, and badges) in alphabetical order; blue promotion forms; pink recommendation strike of forms; pale yellow tranfer forms; yellow re-engagement forms; beige miscellaneous recommendation forms; orderly officers' reports and regimental orders by Lieut-Colonel I.M. Macdonnell and Lt. Colonel P.R. Hampton.

Image of 00180 - Book, Record

00180 - Book, Record

Contains beige strike off forms (age, DOB, next of kin, employer, address, former service, and badges) some medical examination forms as well; orderly officers' reports; beige miscellaneous recommendation forms; yellow tranfer forms; blue promotion forms; pink recommendation strike of forms; and regimental orders by Lt. Col. Baptist Johnston and Lieut-Colonel I.M. Macdonnell

Image of 00181 - Book, Record

00181 - Book, Record

Contains beige miscellaneous recommendation forms; yellow re-engagement froms; pale yellow tranfer forms; blue promotion forms; pink recommendation strike of forms; orderly officers' reports; and battalion orders by Lt. Col. Baptist Johnston 17 December 1941 - 8 January 1941 as well as a list of new recruits.

Image of 00192 - Scrapbook

00192 - Scrapbook

Pages contain photos, newspaper clippings, service records, memorial packets asscociated with Russell McCallum and his family.

Image of 00193 - Book, Record

00193 - Book, Record

Contains enlistment forms for the QOR of C for 1942. The forms record personal information and military information, including: name, rank, regimental #, company, hometown, next of kin, children, date of birth, and address.

Image of 00270 - Record, Military

00270 - Record, Military

Beige cloth hard cover book. Contains a list of names with company, age, enrollment date, discharge date, and remarks (reason for discharge) organized by first letter of last name (sections not alphabetical).

Image of 00194 - Book, Record

00194 - Book, Record

Small brown soft plastic cover, flexi-ring loose leaf book. Two tabs on cover, first reads: B-66000 to B-95983, socond label reads: "10". "M-R" written over first label in ink. Contains enlistment fron 1939-1940. Top of each page has title "Queen's Own Rifles" and contains personal information like: Reg. number, COY, ranke, name, hometown, age, marriage status, next of kin, children's names, DOB, etc.

Image of 00211 - Scrapbook

00211 - Scrapbook

Contains various photos from Col. W.T. Barnard's activities in and around WWII. Letter attached to inside front cover (see "Notes & Legal"). Each photo is accompanied by a label with context and date. Album also includes a certificate of service for Barnard, dated June 5, 1940. Letter from Princess Alexandria's lady in waiting, thank you letter, 1980.

Image of 00300 - Reminiscence

00300 - Reminiscence

Reflection sotry by Jim McCullough describing his time with the QOR and experience during WWII and on D-Day

Image of 00311 - Book, Record

00311 - Book, Record

Contains an alphabetical list of the deceased from various battles on D-Day (primarily) and into 1945. List for each individual contains their name, regimental #, rank, company, and sometimes cause of death. The alphabetical lists are organized under the battle in which they died.

Image of 00315 - Scrapbook

00315 - Scrapbook

Album contains the military and personal documents, correspondance, photos, and newspaper clippings of James G.K. Strathy betwwen 1936-1977.

00326 - Diary

Handwritten war diary notes recounting attacks and strategies during WWII - Green Hardcover book. Includes: Aldersfoort, Doorn, and Numegen, Holland. Refers to appendices in right column. Inside back cover is loose sheet listing 27 appendicies from May 1945

Image of 00329 - Book, Record

00329 - Book, Record

Contains records including: miscellaneious records, transfer sheets, promotion recommendations, medal recommendations, and strike off recommendations. Label on spine reads "Records 1944"

00336 - Diary

Typed pages summarizing events and information from the 1st Battalion QOR between 01 Jan 1945 - 30 Sept 1945. Includes: place, date, hour, summary, remarks, and appendicies.

00361 - Newspaper

Articles describe events that took place during the D-Day invasion. Includes many photos and paintings from that day

Image of 04322 - Letter

04322 - Letter

One letter home to "Edith" written on acquired Nazi letterhead by Sergeant Underhill, 4th Battalion, The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada.

00082 - Book, Record

Soft cover book with black front and back covers and an open spine. Pages are copies of original. Contains hand written accounts from Lt. Col. Medhurst and his stories from South Africa (1900-1902), Stanly Barracks, World War I, World War II, return to Canada and civilian life. Each section includes photocopies of photos. End contains copies of certificates and awards.

00345.1 - Videotape

VHS tape with red plastic case. Title on cover and spine, description of subjects on the back, including: Dusk, Blitzkrieg, Tear of Siege, Days of Infantry.

00345.2 - Videotape

VHS tape with red plastic case. Title on cover and spine, description of subjects on the back, including: Ebbtide, Turn of the Tide, Road to Ortuna, New Directions.

00345.3 - Videotape

VHS tape with red plastic case. Title on cover and spine, description of subjects on the back, including: The Norman Summer, Cinderella on the Left, Crisis on the Hill, V was for Victory, The Clouded Dawn.

Image of 00412 - Scroll

00412 - Scroll

Calligraphic scroll given to Ryan's family indicating that his name had been added to the City of Toronto Roll of Honour. Signed by the Mayor, City Clerk, and City Treasurer.

Image of 00416 - Poster

00416 - Poster

Coloured poster with each of the WWII Canadian Formation signs

Image of 01029 - Uniform, Military

01029 - Uniform, Military

Reproduction First World War era 3rd Toronto Regiment tunic. Was machine manufactured of green wool. Sleeves are lined with brown fabric (possibly linen). Cuffs have been shortened by hand. Tunic has 5 buttons down front, C3 collar badges, Canada Insignia on top of epaulettes and a red rectangle topped with a smaller green triangle on both arms - signifying 3rd Battalion (green triangle) of 1st Division (red square).

Image of 01201 - Brush, Shoe

01201 - Brush, Shoe

Brush with wooden oval shaped base (handle) with black bristles covering the full area.

Image of 01174 - Sign

01174 - Sign

Wooden sign painted white with POW, a large black arrow, and a French grey Third Division insignia.

Image of 01164 - Box, Shadow

01164 - Box, Shadow

Shadow box with brown frame and green mating. At top is a small photograph of a soldier in a plain uniform/ shirt. Below is written "Corporal C.M. Bloomfield/ Queen's Own Rifles of Canada" in black font on white paper. Below is a set of five medals and one badge. Badge is black with red writing "Queen's Own Rifles". Medals include: (L-R) The 1939-1945 Star; The France and Germany Star; The Defence Medal; Canadian Volunteer Service Medal; The War Medal 1939-1945

Image of 01171 - Poster

01171 - Poster

Poster sized print. White ink on black paper depicting a map and war scenes. The settlements names on the map are: Berniers-sur-mer, Tailleville, Beny-sur-mer, Basly, Anguerny, and Anisy. The legend shows beach guns, anti-tank guns, field guns, medium guns, coastal guns, and "resistance nests". Designed and printed by CWO John Figa.

Image of 01175 - Box, Shadow

01175 - Box, Shadow

Shadow box with red-brown frame and green and red mating. Green mating around edges with gold plaque engraved "Presented to / The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada / LCOL B.J> (Barney) Danson". Centre of the mating is red with a letter on the left side for the "Immediate Award of the Military Medal to A/Sgt. Charles William Smith" Down the centre is a black and white photograph of a soldier, and a set of medals at the bottom: The Military Medal; the 1935-1945 Star; the France-Germany Star; The Defence Medal; Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp; and the 1939-1945 War Medal. On the right is a printed map of "Normandy Bridgehead"

Image of 01177 - Box, Shadow

01177 - Box, Shadow

Wooden frame with green matting. Black and white picture of sergeant Aubrey Cosens, V.C. Box contains Victoria Cross, 1939-1945 Star, France-Germany Star, Overseas Medal, Volunteer Service Medal with clasp, Cap Badge with rifle green backing Queen's Own Rifles canvas Insignia, Canada titles, 3rd Division patches and wool sergeant stripes.

Image of 01178 - Box, Shadow

01178 - Box, Shadow

Lieutenant Robert C. Rae shadow box containing: 1. Black and white photo of Lt Rae 2. 5 medals 3. Label

Image of 01179 - Box, Shadow

01179 - Box, Shadow

Shadow box with tan mating and two openings. Top opening has sleeve badges - "Queen's Own Rifles"; "Canada"; a grey square; a set of red and white chevrons; a small brown dog tag with "B63917" Rae WJ/RFN/Pres CND"; and picture of three soldiers - man on the left is William John Rae". Bottom opening has five medals: (L-R) The 1939-1945 Star; the France-Germany Star; The Defence Medal; The Canadian Volunteer Service Medal; The War Medal 1939-1945.

Image of 01180 - Poster, Political

01180 - Poster, Political

Framed poster with black frame and green background with light green maple lead. Written on poster in large orange letters is "Buy Victory Bonds."

Image of 01190.1 - Paybook

01190.1 - Paybook

Soldier's Service and Pay Book. Cover is made of paper and covered with brown fabric. Militia book Part I stapled to cover with a photo of a woman on the inside. Placed inside paybook is Part II - seven booklets stapled together. (Displayed separately on exhibit)

Image of 01191 - Kit, Shaving

01191 - Kit, Shaving

Khaki canvas shaving kit bag containing: button shining brush; white comb; folding straight blade razor (H Boker & Co.); red plastic tooth brush; straight pins in case; shaving brush; snap fasteners on card (8 on, 4 missing).

Image of 01195 - Kit, Shaving

01195 - Kit, Shaving

Beige linen covered folding container with mirror inside lid. Contains stainless steel razor handle and cardboard box of "Reconditioned Victory Double Edged Blades Sterilized".

Image of 01196 - Toy, Car

01196 - Toy, Car

Plastic model of a 15c WT truck. CZ 232510 painted in white on the truck door.

Image of 01197 - Tin

01197 - Tin

Bronze coloured round metal tin. Lid separates from base. "Khaki-Blanco" engraved on lid with "Made in England". Makers information on bottom of tin.

Image of 01198 - Tin

01198 - Tin

Small silver tin with paper label; lip around top edge. Pouring spout with red lid on top. Lid has scalloped edges. Label is brown with white text and a red stripe on the top and bottom edges. Label reads " Goddard's Button Polish Invisible on Khaki". Label on the back contains application instructions.

Image of 01199 - Tin

01199 - Tin

8 fl oz can, rectangular shape with rounded sides. Screw cap on the spout; spout positioned to the left of middle on the top of the can. Label is brown and red; it reads "Khaki Cleaner for all Military Web Equipment/ Will not Rub off"

Image of 01200 - Tunic

01200 - Tunic

Belted green wool service dress tunic for an officer. Captains black pipes and Canada for QOR on epaulettes. QOR collar insignia. Black buttons for QOR. Red lanyard on left shoulder. 3rd division patches on both arms.Gold wire wound stripe to bottom left sleeve. Medals: 1939-1945 Star, France-Germany Star, Defence Medal, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with maple leaf for overseas service.

Image of 01202 - Plate, Decorative

01202 - Plate, Decorative

White plate framed in green pentagonal frame with red mating. Plate has gold lettering with "11 Juin 194408 Juin 1994" at top and "Le Mesnil Patry" at bottom. Label on the back has "Donated by Margaret Kingston in memory of Lt. David Kingston".

Image of 01203 - Wallet

01203 - Wallet

Canvas case/wallet with assorted pouches for accessories.

Image of 01214 - Box, Shadow

01214 - Box, Shadow

Seven medals in a frame commemorating the service of Rifleman Russell George McCallum. Plaque made from silver at top of case for his service.

Image of 01221 - Knife, Weapon

01221 - Knife, Weapon

Steel knife with ribbed handle engraved on both sides by MacKendrick.

Image of 01223 - Case, Artillery Shell

01223 - Case, Artillery Shell

Tall Metal casing (brass) with 40mm head attached.

Image of 01240 - Painting

01240 - Painting

45" x 60" oil on canvas depiction of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada landing at Bernieres-sur-Mer, Normandy on June 6, 1944 painted by Canadian war artist Captain Orville Fisher in 1960.

Image of 01276 - Map

01276 - Map

Ordinance survey of Great Britain showing the New Forest Training Area from 1943. Coloured with red, yellow, and blue to show training areas, boundaries, enclosures, and drinking places.

Image of 01279 - Mask, Gas

01279 - Mask, Gas

Black mask with glass eye coverings and adjustable head straps. Attached to a length of ribbed tube leading into an oval red canister. Metal covering over mouth which connects to the tube. Associated beige pouch which hold the contained and held the ribbed tube. Two metal snaps hold top of pouch closed.

Image of 01280 - Belt, Ammunition

01280 - Belt, Ammunition

Tan belt with shoulder straps. Belt includes two ammunition holders on front. On proper left side is a bayonet holder. On proper right is a canteen and canteen holder.

Image of 01283 - Gun, Submachine

01283 - Gun, Submachine

Blackened metal STEN sub-machine gun dated to 1943. Model is Mark 3. Complete with Canadian made sling made of canvas.

Image of 01287 - Gun, Submachine

01287 - Gun, Submachine

Deactivated STEN Mk II submachine gun Mark with magazine. Blackened steel made by Longbranch factory in Canada. Used up until the late 1960's when it was replaced by the Sterling C1 SMG.

01327 - Disc, Compact

Green CD in white case with clear cover. Top of CD has "Queen's Own Rifles" in white, 3 insignias of the QOR of C, and the title in black lettering on right side of CD.

Image of 01329 - Plate, Commemorative

01329 - Plate, Commemorative

Commemorative plate framed in a pentagonal green frame with red backing. Plate has decorative blue and gold rim with painting of Juno landing on base. Back of place has written information about the plate.

Image of 01331.1 - Shell, Artillery

01331.1 - Shell, Artillery

6 pounder anti tank round. Brass, copper, and steel construction.

Image of 01331.2 - Shell, Artillery

01331.2 - Shell, Artillery

6 pounder anti tank round. Brass, copper, and steel construction.

Image of 01342 - Box, Shadow

01342 - Box, Shadow

Wooden frame with gold coloured trim and green mating. Picture of Sergeant Nick Zamaria in his Battle Dress Uniform. Picture is coloured. Miniature military medal, 1939-1945 star, France-Germany star, Defense Medal, Volunteer Service Medal with clasp, and Overseas Medal.

01349 - Tag, Dog

Two hardened fibre identification tags on card. One red circular tag and one green octagon shaped tag. Both have the same information stamped onto them "RFN B63624 BOWMAN I PRES CDN". The octagon green tag has the name "BOWMAN IV" with an extra letter. The "PRES" represents the soldiers religion - Presbyterian.

Image of 01355 - Armband

01355 - Armband

Second World War era khaki armband with Queen's Own Rifles flash (red on green) and top and staff sergeant insignia below (black on red) - crown over three stripes.

Image of 01373 - Ration, Individual

01373 - Ration, Individual

Contents of a second world war ration pack. Not in orginal packaging but in a ziploc bag. Contents include: 1 x match box variety of wrapped candies 1 x sewing kit 1 x package of halazone water purification tablet 1 x package of caffeine tablets 1 x squeeze tube of unknown contents 1 x chocolate bar 1 x plastic bag with string

Image of 02125 - Armband

02125 - Armband

Two elastic bands connected to rifle green felt bordered in red with QOR in red centered on the band.

Image of 02151 - Plate, Commemorative

02151 - Plate, Commemorative

White plate, maroon border, gold lettering "11 Juin 1944 - 8 Juin 1994"; "Le Mesnil Patry", Centre crest of three flowers on maroon shield with sword hilt below and crowned helmet above, crest bordered in gold and green flames, ribbon below labeled "Gloria Decus Honor Patry"

Image of 02376 - Box, Letter

02376 - Box, Letter

Beige cardboard box containing seven packets of letters bound together with a string, and one loose postcard. Letters belong to Rolph Jackson and date between 1940-1945. All letters appear to be written home.

Image of 03057 - Uniform, Military

03057 - Uniform, Military

Khaki service dress uniform (jacket pants and tie) with Lt. ranks, QOR titles and buttons.

Image of 03064 - Uniform, Military

03064 - Uniform, Military

P37 Battledress tunic with open collar, dyed black, QOR titles, Canada titles, 3 ribbons

Image of 03064.2 - Paybook

03064.2 - Paybook

Small brown book with very faded title on front cover, "Soldier's Service Pay Book". Contains Desmond Leon Aplin's Service information: enlistment information, residence, rank, training date, education, qualifications, medical records, and will. Inside front cover is written "B63970 Aplin, D. L."

Image of 03065 - Uniform, Military

03065 - Uniform, Military

P37 BD tunic with open collar that is dyed black. 12 ribbons, LCol ranks, QOR shoulder titles, Commander titles, Bde bar, 3rd Division patch, grey bar, service chevrons.

Image of 03067 - Uniform, Military

03067 - Uniform, Military

Khaki green collarless, 2 pocket shirt.

Image of 03150 - Box, Shadow

03150 - Box, Shadow

Shadow box with set of 8 medals, title plaque and photograph. Medals are: (L-R) The 1939-1945 Star; The France-Germany Star; The Defence Medal; Canadian Volunteer Service Medal; The War Medal 1939-1945; unknown; unknown;Canadian Forces Decoration